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If These Walls Could Talk

A new release by Composer | Pianist Jorge Mejia

In the heart of Miami's South Beach, there is an Art Deco building constructed in 1926.

I lived in this building, in a small studio apartment, from 2005 to 2009.

While there, I frequently wondered what if the walls could talk, what if the apartment I lived in could yield the stories of the people and their lives there:

  • The Great Miami Hurricane in 1926, the herald of the Great Depression

  • The Miami Beach area being used as an army barracks in the 1940's

  • The rat pack at the Fountainebleau in the 1950's

  • Miami Beach as a place to retire and live your final days in the 1960's

  • The marielitos (Cuban immigrants) in the 70's

  • The great influx of drugs in the 80's

  • Miami Beach as a modeling capital in the  90's

  • Gentrification

And throughout it all, one building, one apartment, witness to so many stories, and so many lives:

If These Walls Could Talk

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